RHX® Heavy Duty Commercial Operator

The RHX heavy duty commercial operator provides easy and reliable operation for heavy-duty applications. It is available with a wide array of mounting options and motor strengths and includes an on board radio receiver, a reliable and simple mechanical brake system, adjustable disc-type clutch, cycle counter display, high strength trolley rail assembly, an electro/mechanical limit sensor, and DC brake system. Features a 2-year limited warranty. Learn more.

RSX® Standard Duty Commercial Operator

The RSX standard duty commercial operator includes state-of-the-art performance features for dependable operation in standard duty applications. These features include a range of mounting options and motor strengths, advanced radio receiver system with auto seek frequency range, direct coupling for fast and easy installation, 24V DC disc brake, adjustable disc-type clutch, LCD display with intelligent menu structure, adjustable shaft, strong trolley rail assembly, electro/mechanical limit sensor, and DC brake system. Features a 2-year, 20,000 cycle limited warranty. Learn more.

RMX® Medium Duty Commercial Operator

The RMX medium-duty commercial operator is designed for quick installation and hassle-free operation. Convenient features include a wide variety of mounting options, external radio hook-ups, direct coupling for fast installation and better structural support, solenoid actuated band brake, display with cycle counter, adjustable shaft, on-board open/close/stop buttons, and independent timers. Features a 2-year or 20,000 cycle limited warranty. Learn more.

CDX® Counter Commercial Operator

The CDX commercial operator is a light duty door operator designed for use on counter and counter fire door applications. Features include 1/2 horsepower, 115V AC single phase motor with high start torque, oil impregnated power train bushing to ensure long life, 5 cycles per hour at rated load of 70 ft-lbs/sec, adjustable linear type limit system, LCD display with cycle counter, independent timers, on-board open, close and stop buttons, and other control buttons. Features a one year limited warranty. Learn more.

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