Commercial Garage Doors

When you think of garage doors, what do you think of? Most people think of residential garage doors, the garage doors on your house that keep you and your belongings safe. However, garage doors are also used in a variety of businesses.

Commercial garage doors come in multiple sizes and materials depending on your business needs. The Overhead Door Company® has a variety of options to choose from. Our doors are not just for vehicle use, although we do have options for those needing a door to fit their larger trucks or equipment. 

Commercial garage doors can be installed and used on both the interior and exterior of a building. Which door you pick should depend on what your goal for the door is and how often it will be used. Below are some of the different types of commercial garage door options.   

Insulated Garage Doors

Whether you want to keep the cold in, or keep it out, you need a door that’s going to help maintain that temperature. An ordinary garage door isn’t going to cut it. So what kind of door do you need?

The Overhead Door Company® has the perfect solution for your temperature control needs. We have insulated commercial garage doors that are designed to prevent heat loss. Great for places with varying temperatures on either side of the door, and great for businesses looking for an energy efficient door. 

Security Doors

Despite the name, garage doors aren’t only for garages. Commercial garage doors can provide security for businesses in many ways. The Overhead Door Company® has multiple options depending on your security needs. 

Stores or other businesses that tend to have a lot of foot traffic may want to add an extra layer of security for when no one is there. Security shutters or security grilles are two great options. Both are easy to operate and can provide you a peace of mind knowing your business is safe. 

Counter doors are another great security option. They provide security for smaller spaces, like food stands or ticket booths. They’re a versatile commercial garage door option for any business.

Doors to Fit Your Environment 

Your commercial garage door should fit both your business and your environment. Whether you want something that can hold up against unpredictable weather or looking for something that lets in the sunlight, The Overhead Door Company® has several different materials and commercial garage door options to choose from.

Looking for a versatile door that’s easy to operate and lets in plenty of light even when it’s closed? An aluminum glass door may be the solution for you. Looking for something that will remain steady even against strong winds? Wind load doors are a great option. 

Where you live and what type of business you operate plays a role in deciding what kind of commercial garage door you should get. We at The Overhead Door Company® offer consultations to help determine what type of garage door would work best for you.  

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Commercial garage doors come in a variety of shapes and materials depending on their intended use. Security, insulation, whatever your goal is you deserve a garage door that will meet your needs and keeps your business running. That’s why we provide installation and maintenance to make sure your door continues working day in and day out.

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