Multi-function garage door remote

Multi-Function Garage Door Remote Controls by Overhead Door

Operate multiple Overhead Door garage door openers featuring CodeDodger® Access Security. Available in two and three button models.

premium garage door remotes

Premium Garage Door Remotes by LiftMaster®

Innovative design automatically streams brilliant blue light from the push-button windows when you pass your hand over the remote.

mini garage door remotes

Mini Garage Door Remote Control

Offers the same convenient features as the three-function remote control in a smaller size. Attaches to key ring (included) and easily fits into pocket, purse or glove compartment. Features CodeDodger® Access Security.

Digital Wireless Keypad

Digital Wireless Keypad Entry System by Overhead Door

Our digital wireless keypad provides secure door entry without remote control or key for up to three Overhead Door garage door openers with CodeDodger®. The new flip-up cover design features, larger, lighted keypad buttons.

Wireless Keyless Entry

Wireless Keyless Entry with Security +® by LiftMaster®

Open your garage door without using a remote control and close with just the push of a button. Also can be programmed with a temporary entry code for friends and service people.

Fingerprint Keyless Entry

Fingerprint Keyless Entry by LiftMaster®

The LiftMaster® Fingerprint Keyless Entry makes home access even more effortless – no lost keys, nothing extra to carry, and now no codes to remember. It uses fingerprint sensor technology to make access to your garage quick, safe, and secure. Your fingerprint acts as the access "code" to open and close the garage door, so access cannot be copied or passed on to others. And since there are no PIN numbers or codes to forget, it's perfect for families with children, or senior citizens.

3 Button Deluxe Wall Console

Three-Function Deluxe Wall Console

Controls opener from inside the garage and features security vacation lock and independent light control with energy-saving shut-off.

Smart Control Panel

Smart Control Panel™ by LiftMaster®

Displays time, temperature and important system status messages in 3 languages. A motion sensor turns opener lights on "hands-free" and a convenient "learn" button easily programs remotes.

Laser Garage Parking Assists

Laser Garage Parking Assist

The high-tech solution that helps you park perfectly in your garage! As you pull into your garage the laser is activated and projected onto the dashboard, making it easy to park in the same spot every time.

Garage Door Monitor

Garage Door Monitor by LiftMaster®

Lets you know whether the garage door is open or closed from any room in the house. A flashing red light shows the door is open; a glowing green light indicates the door is closed.

Surge Protector

Surge Protector by LiftMaster®

Protect your investment – and the biggest door to your home. This surge protector safely protects the entire garage door opener system from most power surges and lightning strikes.