How to Heat Your Garage

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Winter is finally here, and whether or not you enjoy this cold, brisk season, we can all agree it’s best if that chilly air stays outside where it belongs. As you turn up the heat in your home this winter, don’t forget about heating your garage. If you enjoy working, storing items, or parking your car in your garage, you will want to keep it from dropping to freezing temperatures. 

One of the benefits of parking your car in the garage is not having to walk in the cold. If your garage is freezing, then it defeats the purpose. Luckily, The Overhead Door Company® has some great tips for heating your garage this winter.

Add Insulation to Your Garage Door

Keeping your garage warm starts with your garage door. Adding insulation is an easy way to help prepare your garage door for the winter. Creating an extra layer on your door helps prevent the cold air from getting into your garage, and keeps the warm air from getting out. 

If you’re wanting to add insulation to your garage door for the winter, then it’s best to consult a professional to ensure you get the right material for your door. Our garage door experts at The Overhead Door Company® are happy to help you pick out and install the best insulation for your garage door. 

Make Sure There Aren’t Any Drafts

You’ll want to make sure there aren’t any drafts that are letting the freezing wind and snow sneak into your garage. Tiny holes or old seals on windows, window frames, or garage doors can make it hard to keep all the cold air out. 

If you notice any cracking or peeling on the seals on your windows, then you should replace the seals to help keep more cold air out of your garage. Weatherstripping on your garage door can also help create a tighter seal between your garage door and the ground, preventing the cold air from sneaking in when the door is closed.

If you’re wanting to install weather stripping or other weather-protecting gear to your garage door, let The Overhead Door Company® help you out. We can ensure everything is installed correctly, so you don’t have to worry about the heat sneaking out of your garage this winter. 

Add a Space Heater to Your Garage

While insulation and sealing can help keep the cold out, you may need something to help bring warmth into your garage. Space heaters are an effective and portable way to heat up your garage. If you like to spend time in your garage working or just relaxing, then adding a heater to your garage is a great way to keep you and your things nice and toasty in the winter. 

You should always be careful when installing or using any type of heating system in your garage. If using heaters close to the ground, keep them away from anything flammable. Remember to turn off or unplug any electric heaters when they’re not in use. And, if you’re wanting to install a heating system that’s connected to your house’s system, contact a professional!

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