Why Hire a Garage Door Professional?

Garage doors installation. Workers installing Post Rail and Spring Installation / Assembly.

Hiring a professional for anything garage door related is essential. If overhead door maintenance and installation were easy, there wouldn’t be much of an industry around it. Yet, here we are a century after the inception of what would become The Overhead Door Company™.

The reality is that if you want a garage door job done right, you’ll want to hire a professional. Here are a few reasons why installers and technicians are essential to garage door jobs.

Return on Investment

We at The Overhead Door Company™ love to talk about how investing in a good garage door can increase the value of your property or business. Having said that, if you decide to install an expensive door yourself, there’s a decent chance you will do something wrong in the installation process.

People often take for granted how many moving parts garage doors use to get the job done. There is the opener, a complex, high-powered motor designed to work at a moment’s notice to hoist a heavy door into the air and hold it there until told otherwise. Then there is the tracking, which, if installed incorrectly, can destroy the opener, garage door, and anything in the door’s path as it crashes to the ground.

What else is missing? Ah, yes, the show’s star—the garage door itself. While many might think this is just a giant hunk of vinyl, aluminum, carbon fiber, or hardwood, garage doors are much more complicated than that. Overhead opening doors are actually comprised of a series of panels held together by a complex network of bolts and hinges. If these doors are not assembled correctly, opening one can result in serious harm to the garage door, other property, or, most importantly, the people near it at the time of the accident.

Please do not risk your hard-earned money on an easily botched do-it-yourself installation job. Spend the extra money, and hire a professional!


Thousands of people are injured by garage door accidents every year. The situations vary, but one common theme is that the person tends to be trying to fix a problem with the door themselves. Do not try to fix a garage door unless you are a garage door professional!

While some accidents might only result in minor injuries, others can result in death. For example, if a garage door torsion spring is released at the wrong moment in the opening process, the let-loose tension is enough to kill on impact. Our best advice when experiencing an issue with your system is to turn it off and call a professional.

Garage doors can weigh anywhere from 130 to 350 pounds. These weights can result in significant crushing injuries that, at the mildest, will land you in a cast for months. The worst that can happen is paralysis and death.

We at The Overhead Door Company™ want to ask you a simple question: “Is saving a few dollars on garage door installation or maintenance worth risking your life?”

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We at The Overhead Door Company™ can never recommend you do a garage door job without a professional. When you consider what could be at risk in not hiring a garage door professional, the choice should be simple when you need to get a job in this field completed. Best case scenario, you save a few dollars; worst case, your life ends.

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